Different types of body

What are the Different types of bodies? And Which body type do you have?

What are the different types of bodies? And
Which body type do you have? So 

There are 3 basic types of body.

1 ) Ectomorph

2 ) Endomorph

3 ) Mesomorph

Each one has its own typical characteristics which can help you determine your body type. And according to this by knowing which body type do you have you can change your training system by simply changing your workout exercise and your daily diet for your body type.

Because each of these body types has there different types of shapes and different types of reactions of the body. This is why it is very much important to see.

  • what is your body type?
  • How should you train for your body?
  • Which type of exercise is most important for your body type?
  • What or which type of diet you should take? According to your body type and body reaction.
However, there are also advantages and disadvantages to these 3 basic types of bodies. which 
I will tell you about these points.

1 ) Ectomorph

Ectomorph, body type, ectomorph body type

  • Typically skinny 
  • Small frame 
  • Flat chest 
  • Small shoulders
  • Fast / High metabolism
  • Does not gain weight easily
  • Difficult to build muscle mass
Ectomorph is that one person who never puts on weight even if he eats a bunch of calories. this ectomorph body type of people has this very blessed advantage gift that they can eat much more junk food than the other body type of people. They can easily get away from junk/fats.

Ectomorph is also blessed with a high metabolism.

And the disadvantage of having this body type is they can not gain weight easily. They have to force themself to gain weight. 

And even they have to face the problem of gaining muscle mass. These body types of people find it hard to gain muscle mass. because there muscle mass gains are slower than the other body type.
They have to eat a lot in order to gain weight or muscle mass.

2 ) Endomorph  

Endomorph, body type, endomorph body type

  • Soft and Round body
  • Typically short and stocky
  • Large shoulders
  • Slow / Low metabolism
  • Puts on weight easily
  • Gain muscle mass easily
  • Difficult to lose weight/fats
Endomorph is an exact opposite of ectomorph.
Endomorph body type people are the people who gain weight very easily and find it hard to lose weight.

This body type is one of those body types which averages or more than average people don't wanna be.
Because there are more disadvantages as compared to the other two body types. like they find it very difficult to lose weight and fats and they can all look like they are in out of shape. Also, they have low/slow metabolism.

But the advantage of this body type is they can easily put on muscle mass to look good and strong as compared to ectomorph.

They should watch there calorie intake in order to lose weight or to be in shape.

3 ) Mesomorph 

Mesomorph, body type, mesomorph body type

  • Athletic and Rectangular shape
  • Defined muscles
  • Hardbody
  • Broad shoulders
  • small waist 
  • gains muscle easily and also gain fats easier than an ectomorph
Mesomorph body type is in between ectomorph and endomorph.

This body type has all the good qualities of ectomorph and endomorph so that you can say it is a perfect body type. Also, the shape of our body with broad shoulders and a small waist is perfect.

They can easily lose weight and also gain weight or put on muscle mass.
They also have a high metabolism.

This body type is one of those which everyone wants to be because if also they eat a lot of junk food they can easily lose weight or fats. 

These are the different types of body.

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