Compound exercise for arms

Compound exercises for arms (Biceps, and triceps )

Compound exercises are the exercises that work on multiple muscle groups and multiple joints at the same time in a single move.
In simple words, different types of muscles work together at the same time in a single move. 

In this article, I will tell you about the compound exercises:
  • Compound exercises for arms (Biceps, and Triceps )
  • How many and which parts are there in these muscles (Biceps, and Triceps )
  • How to do this all compound exercises

Compound exercise for Biceps

Biceps is a  muscle on the front part of the upper arm in your hand.

Biceps includes 2 Heads ( part ) short head and long head.

Compound exercises for biceps, Biceps

The short head is on the inner side of the bicep. This head basically increases the width of biceps.  
The long head is on the outer side of the bicep. this head increases the height of our bicep . and there is also 3 muscle know as Brachialis which is not a bicep muscle but it is included in a bicep

Exercises :

 1 ) Underhand chin-ups 

If you want a bigger arm size then you should definitely do underhand chin-ups. This exercise targets your both long as well as short head of the bicep. This exercise helps to increase our bicep pic to look bigger and ripped arm.

For this exercise, you need to hang your whole body on a hanging bar with an underhand chin-up grip then slowly pull your body up and then take it down slowly in the count of 5 with your arms and make shower when you go up your chin should go above the hanging bar to make a full rep .

Underhand chin-ups, chin-ups, biceps, Compound exercises

2 ) Incline bicep hammer curls.

Inline hammer curls exercise are the best exercise for your arms to look ripped. This exercise targets more on your long head of the bicep which results in getting an increase in our vascularity of arms.

In this exercise, you need to seat on an incline bench with dumbbells in each of the hand than hang your both dumbbells straight down at your side then continue the movement of up and down with your dumbbells without moving your shoulders.

Incline bicep hammer curls, hammer curl, compound exercise

3 ) Preacher curls

Preacher curls are the exercise that has the ability to focus on a negative movement which helps to improve muscle growth and strength. This exercise helps not to swing between your exercise to get more results.

In this exercise, you need a preacher bench and an E-Z bar or dumbbells. Then you should grab an E-Z bar/dumbbells and seat on a preacher bench. Then you need to make a movement of up and down by bending your elbows to perform the exercise.

Preacher curls

Compound exercise for triceps 

Triceps are the muscles on the backside of your arms. Which is connected to the shoulder and elbow.

Tricep muscle has 3 heads/parts. which are Lateral head, long head, and medial head.

Compound exercises for triceps, tricep

The long head is at the inner side of tricep which originates from the infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula to the elbow joints. This head basically increases the width of the inner tricep.
The lateral head is at the outer side of the tricep. lateral head basically increases the width of the outer tricep and to give you the ripped razor shape of triceps.
And the medial head is right under the long head of triceps. This muscle is basically the smallest muscle of triceps but it increases the strength of tricep.

Exercises : 

1 ) Close grip bench press

The close grip bench press is one of the best exercises to targets all heads of triceps. This exercise is best to build strength in triceps.
When you do proper exercise then you can also hit lats and chest.

For this exercise, you need a flat bench press machine and a straight barbell rod.

to start the exercise you need to lie on a flat bench then use the close grip on a straight barbell rod ( shoulder width ) then lift the bar from the rack and hold straight over you then continue the movement of up and down. make a shower when you come down you should touch the middle chest.

Close grip bench press, triceps, triceps exercise, compound exercise

2 ) Dips

Dips is an exercise that is known as certified tricep killers. This exercise also targets all the heads of the triceps. If you can do 15 dips easily than you should do it as a daily warmup. and to increase the difficulty you can also wear a weight belt for it.

For this exercise, you only need a parallel bar to the hight.
To start this exercise you need to grab a parallel bar then jump up on it then lower your body by bending the arms and continue the movement of up and down with your body.

Dips, compound exercise, compound exercises for triceps, tricep

3 ) Triceps skull crusher

Triceps skull crusher exercise is one of the best exercises to give you the finishing on the tricep muscle and to build a bigger and powerful muscle.

For this exercise, you need a flat bench and an E-Z barbell rod or dumbbells.

To start this exercise you have to lie down on a flat bench and grad an E-Z rod with a closed pronated grip. then you have to bend your arm towards the skull and continue the movement of up and down slowly

Triceps skull crusher, triceps, tricep exercise, compound exercise for triceps

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