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Isoleucine is a topic that is also very important to know if you are learning about Branch chain amino acids ( BCAA ) or about proteins because it is the main topic in this. So in this article I will tell you about Isoleucine but in short. LIKE

  • Isoleucine Definition and Role of isoleucine
  • Isoleucine Structure in this photo of structure, Molecular formula, Molecular weight/molar mass, CAS number 
  • Isoleucine supplements
  • Isoleucine food source in non-veg, vegetables, seeds and


Isoleucine is an essential amino acid which is one of the three Branched-chain amino acids ( Leucine, isoleucine, and valine ) that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins.

Amino acids are one of the organic compounds that combine to form proteins, Which is an essential part of many processes in the human body.

Isoleucine is also one of the nine essential amino acids in the human body which is present in our dietary proteins.

Role of Isoleucine in our body

Isoleucine has one of the very important role to assisting a wound healing, detoxification of nitrogenous waste, stimulating immune function, and promoting secretion of formation and regulating blood sugar and energy levels.

Isoleucine Structure

Isoleucine Structure, structure of isoleucine

Molecular formula = C6H13NO2

Molecular weight/ molar mass = 131.175 g·mol−1

CAS number: 73-32-5

Isoleucine supplements

This is 6 best supplements for isoleucine;

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2 ) Optimum nutrition pro BCAA
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3 ) Scivation Xtend BCAA
7G of BCAA

4 ) Muscle pharm BCAA energy
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5 ) BSN Amino X
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6 ) BPI sports best BCAA
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Isoleucine food source


calculated as 100g

 ( RAW ) Eggs;                
 671mg ( 48% RDI )                 
( RAW ) Egg whites
 661mg ( 47% RDI )
 Egg yolks
 866mg ( 62% RDI )
 Chicken ( Light meat )
 1443mg ( 102% RDI ) 
Roasted chicken breast 1619mg ( 117% RDI ) 
 Lean chicken breast  1573mg ( 112% RDI )
 Lean pork chaps 1468mg ( 105% RDI ) 
 Beaf ( Skirt steak ) 1580mg ( 113% RDI ) 
 Tuna 1378mg ( 98% RDI ) 
 Canned white tuna ( water packed ) 1088mg ( 78% RDI )
Canned Salmon 1130mg ( 81% RDI ) 
 Roe fish 1465mg ( 105% RDI ) 
 Whitefish 880mg ( 63% RDI ) 
 ( Cooked ) Lobster 832mg ( 59% RDI )
 ( Cooked ) Octopus 1298mg ( 93% RDI ) 


Calculated as 100g

 Milk                                                  174mg
 Firm tofu 100mg 
 Lentils 390mg 
 Kamut ( khorason-wheat ) 220mg 
 Pine nuts ( dried ) 542mg 
 Brazilnuts 518mg 
 Hazelnuts 545mg 
 Walnuts 625mg 
 Almonds 751mg 
 Dry Roasted almonds 745mg 
 Safflower seeds 717mg 
 Chia seeds 801mg 
 Flax seeds 896mg 
  Dried sunflower seeds 1139mg 
  Dry Roasted sunflower seeds 967mg 
 Hemp seeds 1286mg 
 Pumpkin and squash seeds 1281mg 

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